When death occurs


When someone dies in a hospital

The attending practitioner or doctor will release to us the relevant paperwork for us to start organizing paperwork and arrange the funeral service. We than arrange to transport your loved one into our care at our own mortuary facility

Death in an aged care facility

The attending practitioner or aged care doctor will release the relevant paperwork to enable us to start the funeral arrangements. Most nursing homes do not have a mortuary or holding facility, we need to be notified straight away or our details left with the nursing home stating affinity funerals as the nominated funeral director so we can transport your loved one to our mortuary facility

Death at home

In the first instance the attending practitioner or doctor will issue us a death certificate, we will than transport your loved one into our care and start the funeral arrangements if attending doctor cannot do this it will become a coroner’s case

Unexpected death

When a death cannot be confirmed, or is sudden or accidental the police will be notified immediately, they will then arrange for the person who has died to be transferred to the coroners mortuary, once the coroner has completed the examination they will notify us so we can take your loved into our care, in some instances there may be a slight delay depending on the coroner .we than liaise with the coroner on your behalf while planning the funeral service