Low Cost Funerals

Turner Family Funerals offer affordable low cost funerals designed for pensioners and low-income earners.

Our solemn, respectful pensioner funerals are the perfect way to say a loving goodbye to a family member without excessive financial burden.

Turner’s low cost funerals are the affordable alternative that gives loved ones, friends and family the opportunity to gather and celebrate a life.

Turner’s pensioner funerals are conducted by two of the most established and celebrated funeral directors in Nowra.

Tom & Birgitt understand the stress of organising the affairs of an estate.

The low costs funerals are available to reduce the burden and stress in a time of heartache.

Our budget funerals are offered to you so you can have the perfect send off for your loved one, without worrying about excessive costs.

At Turner Family Funerals, we understand that every family is different and every service is unique.

Our discrete, empathetic low-cost, pensioner funerals offer a dignified, respectful farewell 

For more information about our low cost funeral packages, please contact us