What to do when someone dies

If your loved one should pass away at home the first call you should make is to the deceased’s treating doctor, if the circumstances were unexpected you can also call the police or ambulance services.

The treating doctor will issue a death certificate, or the police will transfer the deceased to the coroner’s office.

When a loved one passes in hospital:

The family of the deceased will be notified.

The patient’s treating doctor will issue medical certificate and a cremation permit if cremation ifs the route that you will be taking.

If the patient passes in a private hospital Turner Family Funerals will be notified of the death and upon issue of the death certificate the patient will be transferred into our care.

When your loved one passes it is important to know who to contact.

The next point of contact after the passing is your funeral director. Turner Family Funerals will be able to discuss your funeral service options with you and arrange for the transfer of the deceased.

Dealing with death is always a difficult process.

To help you deal with the grieving process, Turner Family Funerals is able to take the planning of your service out of your hands whilst making you feel as comfortable as possible.

Our professional funeral directors and funeral planners can work within a budget, time frame and any cultural and religious beliefs that you and your family may have to present you with the most beautiful service available.

We offer customised services depending on your unique tastes or beliefs. We can offer compassionate support services as well as catered funeral services to suit all budgets and locations.