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Prepaid and pre-planned funerals are the responsible, thoughtful and financially beneficial way of planning your funeral.

Prepaid Funerals are the perfect way to protect your family from any financial burden and difficult financial decisions before you die. Deciding to prepay your funeral is also the perfect way to carry out your exact funeral wishes.
This allows your loved ones to grieve without the emotional stress of arranging a funeral service.
Turner Family Funerals have a wide range of custom prepaid funeral options to suit the requirements of anyone, with any belief and any budget.

The beauty of purchasing your funeral on a prepaid plan is that you will only be charged the prices that we list today without price inflation, so that means you could secure yourself the top of the range funeral now at today’s low rates.

Prepaid funeral plans are not age tested – so you can take out a funeral plan at any age and can be guaranteed your funeral plan will be catered to suit your needs and budget.

What is a

prearranged funeral?

A prearranged funeral allows you to plan the details of a funeral in advance. These details are kept in our files and there is no need to pay until the time of the service. Personal preferences can be planned and budgeted for and these plans can be updated at any time.

You will gain peace of mind knowing that your details of the service have been carefully considered and your funeral arrangements are in place.

What do I decide at a prepaid funeral?

Prepaid funerals are the ultimate funeral plan, so by arranging a prepaid funeral you are arranging your complete funeral. When booking a prepaid funeral you will meet with a funeral director and talk over how your funeral intentions and arrangements including:

  • The type of funeral you require, traditional, religious or modern ceremony

  • If you will be having a burial or cremation service

  • Which cemetery or crematorium you wish to be taken after your service

  • The type of Coffin or casket you wish to have and if you require a viewing or not

  • Details such as flowers, donations, cars, pallbearers, newspaper notices

  • The budget in which you are comfortable spending

What are the advantages of a pre-paid funeral?

There are a few advantages to prepaid funerals, which include:

  • Relieving family of the financial burden of a funeral. A prepaid funeral is simple, sensible and practical.

  • Easing the emotional burden on your family.

  • The freedom and choice of deciding how your funeral is going to go. You can have it your way and realise your wishes.

  • You are not subject to extra fees or price increases.

  • You are not subject to income and assets tests.

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